BSc Business Information Technology (2025)

I chose to specialize in Software Engineering Leadership, gaining knowledge of proven procedures and an understanding of quality assurance with regards to the entire software development cycle as well as technical skills in software engineering.
Project Manager
(Smart Home / Business Development)

Requirements engineering (cloud, app, backend)
Product Development
Sales and Marketing
Create Price Quotes
Web Development (html, css, javascript) and CMS 
Python and SQL for various data analytics tasks 
E-Mobility Specialist
(Project Management)

Instructing Personnel
Planning Installations
Creating Price Quotes for private and business Customers
Managing and commissioning Installations
Improve internal Processes
Electrician (CH)

Construction of Houses 
Apartment-Complexes and Industrial Buildings 
Customer Service & Repairs
Telecommunication & Network Infrastructure (UKV)
I am fortunate to have traveled extensively in my life and got to know many different cultures around the world, while also having gained experience in working abroad. My traveling experiences help me to better adapt to new environments and situations, and help me in understanding and respecting group or organizational cultures as well as different personalities.